Dollar Tree Crafting Needs

What I’ve Learned is that when you first start crafting, you really shouldn’t be spending so much money on materials? I love to go to the Dollar Tree for several things.  I decided to blog about my favorite things to purchase from the dollar store and what you shouldn’t even waste your money on!!!

Top 5 Dollar Tree finds for Crafters!!!

  1. Mod Podge-I use Mod Podge to seal glitter on my tumblers. It keeps the glitter in place. I also used it to seal paint on glass surfaces.
  2. Wooden Popsicle Sticks-I use them to stir my epoxy resin for my tumblers.
  3. Tray-Trays are perfect for making cosmetic trays or rolling trays. They are fun to make and really popular on Etsy.
  4. Water Bottles-I use the bottles to make water trackers for my Etsy shop.
  5. Sponge Brushes-Perfect for painting any surface really!

 Dollar Tree Wastes

  1. Epoxy Glue-Don’t waste your money. If you mix it well and add it to whatever you need to bond it will not seal.
  2. Acrylic Paints-They are not pigmented enough and you can see right through them. Don’t waste your dollar. You can getter better quality acrylic paint for a dollar elsewhere.
  3. Wooden Craft Kits-They break easily as well.
  4. Picture frames-They break before you can get them home.

Is it really the most wonderful time of the year?

I was talking to my cousin and she said she does not see how anybody can be in the Christmas spirit this year. We are all grieving and anxious about Coronavirus in some way and like many we have loss so many loved ones to coronavirus. Anxiety is our body’s natural response to stress when we feel like all control is lost. I think I experienced every stage of grief since March.

Well to begin, I was in denial in February. I mean everybody was right?  I wasn’t the only person saying “Sir you are wild for buying all of that toilet tissue”. I laughed at people for using gloves at the gas station, and I thought my husband was overreacting when he sprayed the mail down with Lysol.  

Then reality set in. I became angry. I became angry when I realized things were only getting worse. I also became angry when I realized the virus was beginning to affect my loved ones. It frustrates me to see people joke about the virus and place others at risk of catching it just because they did not want to take the proper precautions.  

I’ve bargained with the idea of no longer taking precautions myself. Yes I want to travel and no longer social distance for my own SANITY, but I constantly remind myself about the recent loss of my cousin. I think about the possibility of me catching it and passing the virus to my son, or husband.

Lets be real, FMO (Fear of Missing Out) is real and its depressing. I can’t be the only one down right depressed and over all of it! I’ve missed out on so many events and I think that has been one of the hardest parts of this pandemic.

I am now working on acceptance. I accepted that fact that things will be different for a while.  I had to accept the fact that maybe staying at home with my son is the best thing to do until things get better. I also accepted the fact that I will miss a lot of things because of this virus, but it is the right thing to do. Yes 2020 sucks but what are we going to do about it?!? I am going to find joy in the things I enjoy. I am going to make the most of the Holiday season.

4 Ways I Cope

  1. Get some sleep Honey! I can’t be the only person with a messed up sleep cycle. Anxiety will already cause you to lose sleep so it is important to be proactive. Good sleep hygiene is a must. Give yourself a bedtime and stick to it. Put your phone away and try listening to some peaceful music! I like to drink hot tea before I go to sleep and sometimes a nice hot bath does the job.
  2. Find a Hobby. When you are doing something pleasurable, your brain releases dopamine. Dopamine is responsible for making us feel good! It is a natural antidepressant. I recently started crafting and selling some of my items on Etsy. I find joy in knowing that when my son is taking a nap I can go to my crafting area and do something for myself without any interruptions. It is important to find something to do for yourself daily. Painting, playing video games, reading, cooking, or jogging are some common things you can do daily to regulate your thoughts and cope with stress.
  3. Get some exercise. I know this one is tough. I literally have to force myself to exercise, but after I am done I always feel so good. I used to exercise daily, but after moving to California and experiencing the stressors of this pandemic I’ve lost all motivation. I try to make sure I get to the park with my son and walk around at least a few times out of the week. It is also easier when you do something that is enjoyable. I like to jog, partake in some yoga, and dance as well.
  4. Start Journaling. It is important to express yourself. I am guilty of not expressing how I truly feel. Usually when I say I am okay. The truth is I am trying to keep it together, and I don’t feel comfortable self-disclosing. I am currently working on at least getting my feelings out on paper and talking with people that I do trust regularly when I am feeling overwhelmed.

Thanks for taking the time to read share if you feel it is beneficial to anyone you may know.

What are some of your coping skills? Please share in the comment section below!!

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